第二回のスペシャル ビューティー ジャパンは大成功でした!参加してくださった皆、スタッフ、山野美容専門学校の先生達と生徒、スポンサーの皆、そして応援に来てくださった皆さん、本当にありがとうございました!おかけ様でこのイベントが現実できます!週末は楽しかったので報告しますね!
The second annual Special Beauty Japan was a huge success! Thank you so much to everyone that participated, for the SBJ staff, for the Yamano team (the teachers, faculty, and students), to my sponsors, and to the friends and families of those that participated. You ALL make this event a reality! Let me tell you about how this weekend was.


On Friday, March 2nd, all of our volunteers gathered at Yamano Beauty School for our pre-event training. We had each section give presentations about their respective jobs. Our stage manager told the stage team about their responsibilities, the reception team, the food team, the audition team, and the Jason team all did the same thing. There was a lot of information, especially about the schedule, but everyone was so eager to learn and be ready for the weekend. We had a quick dinner and went into the theater to begin setting up. After about an hour everyone working together we were ready for the next day!


Saturday morning, bright and early, we were back at Yamano Hall in our matching Special Beauty t-shirts ready for our very special participants. At 8:55 we made a giant circle holding hands and gave everyone a big 'here we go!' and then at 9:00 we welcomed our participants.


皆が会えるのは初めてでお互いちょっと緊張しましたが山野の学生さん(バディー)とてもフレンドリーで暖かくて、すぐに仲良くなりました。バディーと一緒に荷物を楽屋に持って、少しお母さんとお父さんと話して、別れの時間になりました。スペシャル ビューティーでは保護者の方は付き添わなくて、バディーに任せることになってます。部門毎に集まってお互いの名前、趣味、などを覚えて友達になりました。
It was the first time for everyone to meet, so our participants were a little nervous but the buddies from Yamano were so friendly and welcoming that the walls between them came down. With the buddies, the parents helped the parents with their belongings to their dressing rooms and everyone quickly became friends. After a few moments together the parents said goodbye and it was just the participants and buddies. In their groups they learned each other's names and started to begin the adventure of Special Beauty Japan 2018.


At 10:30 the first workshop began. The girls went to a workshop with a Masaomi Sensei, a modeling coach, who taught them how to walk gracefully on the runway. With the great coaching, they learned walking and posing and began to feel confident with themselves preparing to take the stage. At the same time, the boys went to an art workshop with Seiji. They were able to make giant art with three themes; Hope, Happiness, and Beauty. They had a great time drawing pictures and writing words to express how they felt about the three themes.

After 30 minutes they boys and girls traded places. The boys then learned how to walk cool on stage and the girls drew pictures with Seiji. It looked like everyone had a great time! The buddies and participants seemed like they had known each other for a long time. It was fun to see the hugs, high-fives, and hear the 'you did great!' and 'you look fantastic!'


Next everyone moved to the theater for rehearsal on stage. I gave a quick explanation of the course everyone will walk during the show and then the buddies walked the course with their participant. After once together, the participants walked the course by themselves! They looked nervous at first, but satisfied when they did it!


By this time we were all hungry! The lunch team had prepared everyone's lunches and were on stand-by in the cafeteria. Finally with a chance to relax and enjoy lunch, the smiles and laughter proved that everyone was having a good time.


After lunch the competition continued. Next was an interview with the judges. They were asked questions like 'Why did you join this competition?' 'What do you like to do in your free time?' and 'What are your hobbies?' I think everyone was a bit nervous, but they did great.

The buddies are all beauty students at Yamano Beauty College. Next, they had the chance to use what they are learning in school on their participants. They did the hair and make-up of their participant and dressed them in their best clothes for a shoot with a fashion photographer. Shinya San is the best! He takes such beautiful pictures! He made everyone feel relaxed and brought out their best smile!


After everyone was finished it was time for rehearsal again. This time we rehearsed the opening walk, the interview section, and the awards ceremony. Maybe a bit overwhelmed, everyone was bit tired from the long day. But their smiles showed they were having a good time.


From the stage, into the audience seats they filed and it was time for a special show to start! The Yamabi Dance Company, a clown, an enka singer, Seiji's art, hula dancers, and cheerleaders gave us an amazing show! Thank you!


After the show, it was audition time. Everyone has a special gift and talent. I wish we could have let everyone perform in the actual show, but time doesn't allow that so the judges had to narrow the participants to 11 that were able to perform their talents in the show. I am sure that was a tough decision! When everyone was finished it was the end of a long day. Tired but happy we left Yamano Hall late that night with hearts full of anticipation for the next day!


Bright and early Sunday morning we all gathered back at Yamano Hall for our big day. We began rehearsals at 10:15. We practiced the course for walking, we practiced changing costumes, and we practiced our lines for the show.

After a quick lunch we hurried back to get ready. Our final dress rehearsal ended just a few minutes before the doors of the theater opened.


オープニングでは柏ゴールデンホークスが力強く踊ってくれました。すごかった!そしてスペシャル ビューティーが始まりました。司会と審査員の紹介があって、参加者が自分の好きなカジュアルな服でステージを皆の前で歩きました。皆かっこよかった!
The Kashiwa Golden Hawks opened the show with so much power! They are amazing! Then, we took to the stage and Special Beauty Japan 2018 began. After the judges were introduced, each participant walked the runway in their favorite casual fashion. They looked great!

次は演歌歌手のジェロの歌でした。さすがでした!そして tenbo のファッションショーでした。とってもユニークでした!
Next was a performance by Jero! What a great singer! Then, tenbo presented his latest styles in a fashion show. Very unique and creative!

Then was the appeal corner. Of the participants, we were able to watch 11 show us their best! I was so impressed with all of the talent! Everyone was great! I wish we could have seen everyone do their special talent!

Dressed in their fanciest clothing, each of the participants took to the stage again and was asked, “what is your dream?” All of the answers were very ambitious and inspiring! I hope that they all achieve their dreams!

After all of the participants answered the question from interview time, it was time for the judges to make the difficult decisions of who the winners would be. During that time, we had special performances by Jero, Kashiwa Golden Hawks, and Seiji. It was quite a show!

Before the awards ceremony began, we were so lucky to have a Hawaiian presentation by one of our judges, Aureana. She danced a beautiful hula on stage for everyone. We could all really feel Aloha in the theater.

Then it was time for the announcement of the winners and the special award recipients. It was so fun to see everyone's reaction to the prizes they won.

Here are the 2018 winners:


Little Princess


Little Prince












 Personality Award


Aloha Award



Get Air Award


Cookie Award


tenbo Award



Jane Aiko Yamano Award


スペシャル ビューティー ジャパン2018年は大成功でした!来年は6月30日になります!是非皆さんは応援宜しくお願い致します!
Special Beauty Japan 2018 was a huge success! Next year the contest will be on June 30th! Please come and support the handi-capable community!